Big steps!

Hello to all my readers!

First, I want to thank everyone who follows and likes my blog, it makes me feel like this is not just a personal diary but there are people reading this! 😁

Back to the reason for this post! I have really exciting news, but first the chronological order of things since my last post almost a week ago.

So Thursday afternoon I got a call from Cultural Care that they were going to review my application to see if I had to make some changes, I would get an email from them on Friday. Like promised I got an email on Friday with some things I could add or change. I also got an email with a link to a personality test. So, I did the personality test and got the results in a PDF immediately. My results were and I quote:

“You are considerate, patient and willing to help others – particularly your special band of friends. You are able to get on and work with all types of people – people who have different operational styles. You should be good at handling the strains and pressures of every day life. You are unlikely to be overly reactive and emotional. In times of dissent you are likely to follow the majority. You like familiarity and you like to be consistent in your work habits. People are likely to see you as a good example of a steady, reliable worker.”

Then there were some more personality traits, my primary strengths and ways of increasing my effectiveness, like not letting people push me over…guilty.

On Sunday, I got an email from the Dutch Cultural Care office that I have been selected for early matching, my application would now be reviewed by the Cultural Care office in Boston! I got really excited and called Esther (my sister-in-law) to tell her the news. She immediately went to work filling in the reference that I send her. So then I was just waiting for my colleague to finish hers.

On Monday I got an email from the Cultural Care office in the US that my application was good enough for early matching and they were going to start the process right away! So from then on, I could expect an email or call from a potential host family. I couldn’t wait and checked my email like once a hour 😳.

So yesterday, Tuesday, I got home and checked my email again and guess what I found!! I had a match!! I immediately went to my account to check them out and get in contact with them! They live in Pennsylvania, so now that you know that, you finally understand my cover photo, which shows where Pennsylvania is. I send them a message through my account to let them know that I had read through their application too and that I couldn’t wait to hear from them and that they shouldn’t hesitate to send me an email or call if they have any questions.

So know the waiting is starting! There is a time difference, it’s 5 hours earlier there so I will have to be patient.

Also, I told my parents about my au pair year and they were actually really excited for me to go, although they will be sad to see me go, they know that I will have an amazing year! Tomorrow morning, Thursday, I have an appointment with my store manager to talk about my au pair year. He doesn’t know yet, but it does affect them ( a lot), so I’m going to give them a heads up. I have heard from colleagues who went on an exchange year that they can put you on non-active so when you return you still have your job. Exciting!

I also found this amazing travel meme, which I think totally fits me!


So, rather long, again. But you can breath again (I hope you never stopped), because this is the end of this post. I love to hear from you, so if you have anything to say to me, leave a comment below!

See you next time!


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