Info meeting and application


Here I am again!

So, on Monday morning I received a text from Cultural Care about an interview they wanted to have via the phone that afternoon. So the whole afternoon I made sure that I could hear my phone.., and then they finally called. After some short questions (why do you want to be an au pair, what is your experience with children, do you have health or mental issues), they determined that I could follow through with my application because I was qualified. She would also mail me the address and time for the information meeting taking place Wednesday.

So, last night I had that information meeting in Rotterdam. It took two hours, but I got a lot of useful information. There were about 7 others, I had taken my little sister Daimairah (or Daiz as we call her) with me. We talked about life as an au pair from the point of view of an au pair and the host family. We got practical information like application, cost, studying and support in the US. At the end we had to go in one by one to have a short interview to determine if we were right for the job. A couple of questions in English, to determine my level, which I breezed through. Then once again questions on why I want to be an au pair (which I have answered like 10 times by now!), what I expect of my year in the US, what I think about studying there, if I would be comfortable driving, what I would do with the kids when they have a day off (have lots of fun).
At the end she told me that I was indeed right for the job, she would translate our interview to english and then upload it to my online application profile.

I had already started filling out my online application on Monday, after the phone interview. Simply because I couldn’t wait to get started. The application is long and thorough. They ask about everything, family, hobbies, education, health, swimming, driving. They also want at least 3 references from non-family. The references are about childcare experience and how you are as an person. I have 2 childcare references, but one of them is from my sister-in-law, so I also have 2 personal references; from my colleague and a teacher.

You also have to write a letter to your future host family. In this letter you introduce yourself once again, tell them about your childcare experiences. Why they should choose you as their au pair, what you want to do after your year in the US. They also encourage you to write a piece to the kids, since they are just as involved in the process of finding an au pair as the parents. That was a bit difficult, you don’t know how old the child(eren) is that is going to read it so what do you write? But, I think I managed alright.

Last but not least, you have to upload a few photos. A profile picture and at least 5 others for in a photo album. They also encourage you to shoot a video to introduce yourself, because apparently that makes it easier for host families to decide.

So for now, my application is 95% complete, the last 5% is me waiting for my references to be completed and verified. Cultural care sends a mail to your reference people, they have to answer some questions about you and submit it. I get it back and if necessary have to translate it. That’s when it’s done. I have 1 out of 4 completed, my sister-in-law didn’t get the link and my colleague and teacher are trying to find the time to do it. But all of them know how important this is to me, so they promised to do it before the end of the week.

Meanwhile, I’m waiting and thinking about shooting that video..difficult. Also, I just realized that this post has become really long.

So I’m signing off for now, till next time!













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